Skilled Occupation Lists

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Skilled Occupation Lists
October 18, 2021

What is skilled occupation?

People are working in different fields. Major fields can be considered as ‘Science’, ‘Engineering’, ‘Commerce and Business’, ‘Arts’, ‘Information Technology’ etc. People are working on specific positions in each field which is called as occupation such as ‘Software Engineer’, ‘Database Administrator’ etc. for ‘Information Technology’. Each of these occupations is Skilled Occupation for migration purposes if immigration department lists them in occupation list.

What is occupation list?

Immigration department creates different lists of occupations for different visas. These lists are known as Occupation Lists. Immigration department has categorised them as MLTSSL, STSOL, ROL, etc. which reflect requirements of Australian labour market.

Changes in occupation lists

It is a belief in general public that lists are updated once in a year in July. While it is largely true, but not necessary every time. Immigration can make changes and update occupation lists as per the need arises time-to-time.

Importance of occupation lists

In order to apply skilled visa, you must select one occupation from these lists precisely. If you make a small error, you may end up in refusal of visa application. We are highly skilled to assist you for your migration.

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