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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

This website is owned and operated by Gold-Australia Migration Consultants (now onwards referred here as “we”, “us” or “our”). All rights, titles and interests in and to the materials published and available on this website which includes but not limited to the visual presentation and feel of the website (including, design, colour selections, page layouts, button designs and shapes, images, videos, other graphics etc.), information, logos, icons, graphics, header-footer, service marks, trademarks, documents produced by us etc.; (collectively, “material” or “materials”) (excluding government forms and documents, and other material owned by their respected owners) are owned by the Gold-Australia Migration Consultants, or successors, assignees of the owner(s) of Gold-Australia Migration Consultants. All rights are reserved by us.

We aim to provide some information and services related to immigration and visas of different countries, such as:

  • General (not case specific) information about immigration and other supportive services;
  • Online web forms for collecting some information about you to provide you the services you are after;
  • Other supportive services;

Collectively, any of the above is referred hereafter as “service”, “services” or “service(s)”; subject to the terms and conditions mentioned on this website. By accessing this website, using any service or information by any means, you are agreeing to satisfy with and be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned on this website. If you do not agree or object to any of the terms or conditions of these terms, or dissatisfied with us or this website, please discontinue using this website immediately. If you stop using this website, terms and conditions of this website will remain effective which were in effect then. These terms, including updated ones, will remain in effect. We reserve our right to change, update or add any term(s) without prior notice. Upon publication of any term shall constitute your acceptance of these terms, as amended.

Any service or information on this website does not create any lawyer/consultant-client relationship. Any payment received by us are against services provided by us. You agree that you have read and agree to the privacy policy, refund policy, copyrights and disclaimer.

We may involve Australian Registered Migration Consultants or Canadian/New Zealand licenced Migration agents to work with us but we are not a government agency.

Despite our best efforts to keep this website safe, using forms or information available through this website is solely your discretion and risk. We strive hard to update information, forms and any document as soon as possible when comes due but we do not guarantee completeness and accuracy of them. We cannot guarantee, because legislative changes are rapid, any form or information on this website is complete, correct or up to date.

You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute any of the information or material from this website. Violation of any of the terms, may result in legal action against you. Our logo(s) are our intellectual properties and those are our trademarks.

Refrain yourself from using any of the data, system or program which is not intended or made available for public use.

Free Consultation

We do provide free consultation service to certain prospective clients. Though our intention is to provide you the chance to find if you are eligible to apply visa, it does not bound us to provide you the same. Despite this website may display somewhere our intention to provide this service, it is our discretion to refuse to provide .

In free consultation, we will collect details from you about your case. We will analyse those details and determine the eligibility to apply Australian visa in some categories. In addition to checking your eligibility, we will endeavour to provide you basic information about the process of application.

We spend a lot of money to continuously update and upgrade our professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, in-depth questions may not be answered or guided. Consultation charges may apply.

Special Offers

From time-to-time, we intend to introduce special offers for our prospective clients. These offers will be introduced for tightly limited time. It will not be extended if the deadline is passed. One offer can not be clubbed (merged) with another offer.

If you have registered with us as our client, and later if we announce any offer which may be relevant to your case, you are not entitled to get benefits of that offer.

Offers are non-transferable. In any kind of dispute, our decision will remain in effect and you are not allowed to raise dispute to our decision.

Account Creation and Use

You may need to register yourself by creating an account with us through this website for using certain services. For this, you may need to create user id and password, and it is your responsibility to keep them safe because you are responsible for all activities carried out under your account. We are not liable, in any way, for any cyberattack, fraud due to misuse or mishandling of them. Failure to provide accurate, correct and meaningful information of yours is breach of these terms which may result in termination of our services. You must inform us immediately, in writing, as soon as you become aware of any illegal activity or unauthorised use of your account.

You must not use user id and password of someone else. We reserve the right to cancel, bar, modify or deny usage of your account, in our sole discretion. You are thoroughly responsible for all activities carried out under your account. We are not liable for any misuse of your account which is actually your responsibility to keep it safe.


You agree that you will not do or will not be involved in any of the following, as such, you are not allowed to do any of the following.

  • Avoid, disable or interfere with security related features of this website or other features not available publicly.
  • Copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute any of the information or material on this website. Create any replica of any software owned by the owners of this website.
  • Transmit any software or other materials which may contain software viruses, any harmful codes, worms, trojan horses, date bombs, time bombs or other material which is harmful or destructive in nature. Use any data mining, robots, spiders, etc. for anything which may damage us in any way.
  • Engage yourself in any kind of spamming or flooding. Take any action which may result in any inappropriate large load on our website and IT infrastructure.


Our website may contain links to other websites. The terms and conditions, and other policies, of that website applies when you are visiting that website.

Under no circumstances shall we, our employees, our successors and assignees, licensors, venders, advertisers be liable to you under any agreement/contract, negligence or any product/service purchased on our website for any direct/indirect, or any other kind of damage(s) resulting from any aspect of use of our website or material/information on this website.

These terms do not limit any of our rights that we may have under different legislation.

In any dispute, our decision will prevail and will be full and final, and you do not have any right to dispute the same under any legislation.

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Version date: 23 August 2022.