General Criteria of Student Visa

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General requirements of student visa

Student visa requirements defer from country to country. The country you select for your study will define exact requirements of student visa to be granted. Briefly, the criteria, procedure and documentation depend completely on your selection of country to study.

But if we talk about general requirements, we can discuss few of them which may be common requirements such as good academic background, achieve enough score in English language test, display financial capacity to prove ability to pay fees, secure enrolment in university or other educational institute, health examination, get police clearance certificate from competent authority, apply visa and satisfy visa officer as being a genuine student, etc.

We can assist you in each and every step of student visa procedure. Our assistance to you is limitless including counselling for selecting country, selecting university/college, selecting campus, selecting course etc.; preparing application for enrolment by assisting you – in filling forms, in writing statement of purpose – documentation for enrolment, documentation for financial capacity, documentation for visa etc.; help you in funds transfer to pay fees; prepare and submit your visa application, etc.

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