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Australia is famous worldwide as one of the world’s most welcoming countries. Besides a beautiful country, Australians enjoy a world-class life style in terms of quality. The infrastructure and quality of life is seen every year when about 4 Australian cities pop up in the 10 most liveable cities on the earth.

You will feel the cutting-edge Australian education and get ready for a world of learning and career opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment. The most important part of Australian education is that it gives value for money through its recognition globally.

Facts about study in Australia

  • Since years, Australia is one of the top 3 international student destinations
  • Year-by-year, number of international students in Australia increases
  • Australia is home of 6-8 universities which ranks in top 100
  • Globally recognised and best higher education system in the world
  • Thorough emphasis on student experience through hands on practice
  • Australia has 7 cities preferred by international students in the world
  • The Govt of Australia spends about AU$300 million as scholarships for international students
  • Australia offers huge range and level of courses
  • 15 Nobel laureates from Australian Universities

Important reasons for studying in Australia

  • Australian universities / institutes teach how to be an innovative and agile thinker
  • Globally recognised and ranked education system
  • Work while you study
  • By Laws, Australian universities / institutes need to provide extensive student services
  • A highly safe country
  • Welcoming international students without any issues
  • Sky high standard of living
  • Uncompromising quality of education
  • World-class research and development facilities

There are plenty of education establishments including universities, technical and further education (TAFE) and private institutes across Australia. We help you to get enrolment and study high ranked and tier 1 universities and institutions in Australia. We are presenting… the perfect pathway in front of you and help you in building your career and life through realising your dreams of visa with candid, straight forward and honest advice and counselling.

While deciding course, you need to be careful about your previous study, its result, English proficiency and other factors too. Of course, we assist you in improving your English proficiency through our PTE / IELTS Coaching facilities. We provide online coaching through virtual classroom platform also.

What if I need IELTS / PTE Coaching?

Don’t worry…  We will definitely help you in achieving your score in IELTS or PTE through our highly regarded coaching. And on top of that – we may provide free IELTS / PTE coaching, once you start process.

IELTS / PTE Coaching

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FAQ(s) about study in Australia

Student Visa Australia
What kind of documents required for entire process?

An applicant has to show passport, education documents, address and identity documents, photo, availability of finance etc. Applicant may need to include documents of sponsors like income tax returns, source of income etc.

Can I change university or course after visa grant?

Yes, in general, student may change university or course. But he or she has to follow related visa conditions.

Can I get work rights during my student visa or after my student visa?

Yes. Student may have official work rights during his or her student visa. They may also apply work visa after completion of study by satisfying requirements.