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PNP – Canada

Several provinces have introduced their own immigration program according to their requirement of skilled workers (skilled migrants) depending upon experience, education and even relative sponsorships. If you cannot fulfil criteria of FSW program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is proved a good alternate to migrate to Canada with liberal eligibility criteria and with many more benefits, which may result in your favour.

  • Process Time varies from province to province
  • Occupation must be on NOC list of that province

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), sometimes called as Provincial Nomination Program by many people, has become very popular because it provides opportunity to have permanent residence visa of Canada (Canada PR visa) with little ease. PNP is for you if you:

  • have required education, skills and experience which can fulfil requirements of specific province/territory.
  • are ready to live in nominating province
  • want permanent residence visa of Canada (PR of Canada)

You may have many options to choose one from a range of available programs but there are many criteria for nomination which need to be satisfied and must be taken care of. Each and every province works differently and independently. They have their own eligibility criteria to apply.


  • You can apply with low English language score in few provinces.
  • Relative and friend’s sponsorship gives good point raise to get invitation easily.
  • Plenty of options available as there are 10 provinces with different requirements, and relatively easy and liberal process for nomination.

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FAQ(s) about Skilled Migration - Canada

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Is it necessary to appear IELTS test? If yes, which module?

Yes, you must appear IELTS test in General module for skilled migration to Canada. Score requirement may differ case-to-case basis.