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A tourist (visitor) visa of United States of America (USA) is a non-immigration visa. It is used to enter USA on temporary basis for business, tourism or family visits.  You can apply for B1, B2 or B1/B2 category visa depending on your purpose of visit. The visa officer may grant single entry or multiple entry visa depending on your requirement and eligibility, and top of that, on visa officer’s discretion.

We will assist you in filling the form, paying visa fees and booking an appointment online. If you have any doubt, just contact us and we will try our level best to help you.

B1 Visa (Business Visa)

If your purpose to travelling to USA is for any commercial activity, you need to apply B1 (Business Visitor Visa). Commercial activities may include but not limited to, meetings with business associates, to attend any business conference or exhibition, to do some investments in any business or property etc.

B2 Visa (Tourism and Visit Visa)

This visa is ideal for you if you are traveling to USA for tourism or social visit. It may be used if you want to visit USA for any kind of medical treatment or want to take participation in relevant events.

B1-B2 Visa (Combined)

You may select this category (both categories mixed at the same time) in your visa application if your purposes to visit USA are mix kind in nature. You may have 2 different purposes to complete during single visit.

Application Process

The application process is nearly the same in every Consulate General / Embassy of USA. You must satisfy all requirements and processes of the related Consulate General / Embassy where you are applying the visa.

First of all, you need to fill visa application form online for Visitor Visa (Non-Immigration Visa). You have to pay visa application charges and soon after they received it, you may be able to view available dates for biometrics and interview at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. You must attend biometrics and interview appointments.

If you are granted a visa, they will keep the passport for visa label and will courier passport to your address as given in application form. You may have an alternate option of pickup from authorized pickup centres.

If you are refused visitor visa, you can apply again without waiting for certain time. But further applications are advisable only in case of positive or good change in circumstances. Contact us without fail as till now, we are succeeded in visa grant of many people.

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