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Education system in Australia

As normally seen, Australian education system has three levels of education (1) Primary, (2) Secondary and (3) Tertiary. As English is official language of Australia, English remains the main language of instructions in education system of Australia.

School Education

The school education consists of Primary and Secondary. The school education is compulsory across Australia in all states. The school education system is similar in all states with very minor variations.

Primary school runs for about 7 to 8 years, starting from Kindergarten/Preparatory (often called as Prep) to school year 6 or 7.

Secondary school runs for about 3 to 4 years from school year 7 or 8 to school year 10.

Senior Secondary school runs for 2 years – school year 11 and 12.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education consists of higher education provided by Universities or Technical And Further Education (TAFE); and Vocational Education Training (VET).

Tertiary education includes certain Diploma, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees up to PhD.

Australian Qualification Framework (AQF)

The government of Australia established Australian Qualifications Framework in 1995 which distinguishes the education system of Australia from many other countries around the globe. Till then AQF is solidified as national education policy.

There are 10 different levels of qualifications in the AQF which links all qualifications obtained from school through to University qualifications. AQF helps in many ways from identifying career planning, gives choices of career, and what not.

If you are studying a qualification which is registered under AQF, you can be assured that your institution is Government-authorised and the qualification is nationally accredited, and that your degree or other AQF qualification will be genuine in nature. Allow us to contribute to your future by assisting you in selecting course and university to make your future bright.

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International students study in Australia

If you are a student who is not an Australian citizen, permanent residence visa holder or certain temporary residence visa holder of Australia, then you are considered as an international student. You will need to have Student Visa subclass 500 to study in Australia.

Generally, international students pay higher fees than domestic students. If you have good score in last qualification and also achieved a good band score in English language proficiency test (PTE / IELTS), you may be able to secure scholarship from the university in Australia.

International students are granted student visa with certain visa conditions. You must meet the requirements of each visa condition in order to remain lawful in Australia. If you have accidently breached any condition and now received Notice Of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC), contact us as soon as possible and we will check how can we help you.

FAQ(s) about study in Australia

Student Visa Australia
Can I change university or course after visa grant?

Yes, in general, student may change university or course. But student has to follow visa conditions imposed on visa.

Can I get work rights during my student visa or after my student visa?

Yes. Student may have official work rights during his or her student visa. They may also apply work visa after completion of study by satisfying requirements.

What kind of documents required for entire process?

An applicant has to show passport, education documents, address and identity documents, photo, availability of finance etc. Applicant may need to include documents of sponsors like income tax returns, source of income etc.