The Remarkable Journey to Australian Permanent Residency: A Success Story

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Australian Permanent Residency A Success Story
November 22, 2023


At UBP Group (‘UBP Overseas’ and ‘Gold-Australia Migration Consultants‘), we take immense pride in celebrating the success stories of our clients. Today, we bring you an inspiring tale of a family who embraced our guidance, made a life-altering decision, and found themselves on the path to prosperity in Australia. This story showcases the power of timely advice and unwavering determination from us.

The Decision to Pursue a Dream:

In March 2020, as the world grappled with the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our clients faced a crucial crossroads in their immigration journey. We, UBP Group (‘UBP Overseas’ and ‘Gold-Australia Migration Consultants’), have assisted them for their visa application of permanent residence visa subclass 190 for Australia which were granted in the second week of March 2020, and the horizon was clouded with doubts of Covid-19 pandemic. This was when ‘UBP Group’ stepped in again.

Our team, led by our experienced consultant with a Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice and a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, assessed the situation carefully. It was a critical moment, as the borders were on the brink of closure due to the pandemic. The family had a significant decision to make – to wait and watch or to follow our advice and embark on a life-changing journey.

The Timely Advice:

With our knowledge and expertise, we advised the family to seize the opportunity and move to Australia as soon as possible within a week. The window of opportunity was rapidly closing, and we believed that taking swift action was the key to success then. They trusted our advice and decided to make their move. We assisted them a lot for immigration clearance and booking flights too.

A Race Against Time:

With determination, they wasted no time. On the 20th of March 2020, just a day before Australia’s borders were sealed, they landed in Adelaide. Their journey was nothing short of a race against time, but they had made it just in time. It was a leap of faith, and it was going to change their lives forever.

The Road to Prosperity:

Fast forward to the present, and this family’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. They have not only secured their permanent residency in Australia but have also built a solid foundation for their future. Adelaide has become their new home, and they have embraced it with open arms.

They have not just settled but thrived, having bought three houses in Adelaide till now in just over 3 years. Their financial well-being has witnessed a significant upturn, with a handsome income that allows them to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.


This success story exemplifies the power of informed decisions and timely action. It’s a testament to the trust that our clients place in UBP Group (‘UBP Overseas’ and ‘Gold-Australia Migration Consultants’) and our unwavering commitment to their dreams. We believe in transforming lives, and this family’s journey is a glowing testament to our mission – changing lives… through migration.

We take immense pride in being a part of their success story and look forward to helping more families realise their dreams of migrating to Australia. Your dream could be next, and we’re here to make it come true. Contact us today to start your own success story.