Occupations in demand in Australia

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Occupations in demand in Australia
October 11, 2021

Occupations in demand in Australia

Our recent analysis over the internet information and resources, including government and non-government sources, about occupations and jobs in Australia reveals some interesting facts. Some of them are as below.

Australia is not an exemption from the scenario where the health professionals are in huge demand. Health professionals like General Practitioners, Specialist Surgeons, Specialist Physicians, Dentists, Registered Nurses, Midwifes, etc. are in top priority because these positions cannot be filled in short duration. No one can doubt about the prospective growth of jobs in Health and Community Services sector. High ageing population is demanding greatly for nurses, carers and other aides. These occupations are foreseeable to remain on top in future also.

Though the unemployment is noticed in the occupations group for ICT specialists including Software Developers and Programmers, it is said that the future of these occupations is bright in Australia.

Architects and landscape architects are in good demand. Civil engineering is growing and will remain growing as new migrants continuously look for homes to live in. Roles in the Design and Architecture industry include Interior Designers, Building Designers and Digital Designers.

Engineering and manufacturing sectors are definitely developing and will remain in one of the top job provider sectors in Australia. Engineering professionals are in high demand and being paid really good salary packages in Australia. If you have an engineering degree (in any discipline); it can improve your chances of migrating to Australia.

Science and Technology will remain on highly demanding side of employment in future where many employees will be needed in part-time and full-time employment. Especially in a country where research and development activities are given a mammoth importance, the occupations in science and technology will be on board.

As usual, many Trades Occupations are on top of requirements across Australia. These occupations include but not limited to Electrician, Metal Trades, Automotive Trades, Plumbers, AC/Refrigeration Mechanics, Painters, Welders, etc.

Education and Training is one of the best sectors to work in. Teachers are in high demand in many states. University lecturers could be an exemption.

Mining, Farming, Animals and Conservation are the sectors with a high number of jobs including Miners, Mining Engineers, Dog Groomers, Veterinary Nurses, Agricultural Technicians and Farm Hands.

Healthcare, Education and Training, Construction, Engineering, Professional jobs, Scientific and Technical Services may create many jobs in near future. Higher skilled people with bachelor and/or higher degree will be favoured by the labour market. Many industries in Australia have seen technological advancements which lead to creating the need for specialists and creating new employment opportunities.

Employment for Accountants and related are rising good and unemployment is below average but for migration, this category is considered tough one now due to a very high number of applicants with high level of skills.

Advertising, media and public relation jobs are mostly growing and employability is quite good. But for migration, those are considered not good.

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