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Immigration Laws are very complex and changing rapidly and frequently. It is very difficult to understand for ordinary agents and layperson without proper knowledge of Immigration Law. We provide advice about immigration, visa process assistance and make immigration/visa representations as require by the Immigration Legislation.

It is really hard to select any country for migration but we assist you in selecting country which suits you best by considering your skills and future prospects. Australia or Canada, selection depends on personal perspective. But our suggestion depends on ease of settlement and some other factors which may not be seen to you due to lack of proper knowledge.

If you consider to have a quality IELTS coaching or PTE coaching, our highly trained and well experienced trainers (tutors/coaches) utilise their skills to help you getting your desired score.

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Migration Options

People generally prefer to migrate to Australia and Canada. You may have multiple options to select one from. There could be skilled migration, family migration, migration visa after study, etc.

Skilled Migration

If you satisfy certain criteria of General Skilled Migration, we may assist you in selecting the best option.

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Family Migration

If you have any relative who is eligible to sponsor you for migration, apply permanent/provisional residence visa now.

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If Residence Visa Expired

Your permanent residence visa is expired and you are out of Australia. You may have opportunity to be in Australia again.

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Visa after study

You can apply for graduate visa which gives you work rights without limit, after studying certain course in Australia.

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Skilled Migration

Canada is also a preferred destination for many aspiring migrants. FSW or PNP could be the pathway for you.

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How can I achieve bands in PTE or IELTS?

I am working from early morning to late evening. Therefore, unable to attend classes for coaching, hence looking for online coaching.

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FAQ(s) about Migration

Immigration to Australia
Is a skills assessment mandatory for skilled migration visa application?

Yes, absolutely. Skills assessment is considered as the first step towards application process for skilled migration. Skilled migration process is lengthy in most cases and skills assessment is the first step.

If I receive successful migration skills assessment, does it guarantee that I will be granted visa?

A big NO. Migration skills assessment is just one criterion out of many others required to be satisfied. So, receiving successful skills assessment does not mean guarantee of visa. You need to meet all other criteria also. To name a few: you must nominate a skilled occupation, you must score minimum points require by the immigration department, you must achieve certain bands in English language test (we do provide coaching services), and many others.

I hold a temporary residence visa subclass 491. Will I be able to apply permanent residence visa in future?

Certainly, the pathway is there. But you must meet the requirements of that visa to apply. Merely holding a temporary residence visa is not solely the criterion to apply PR later.