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For some people, studying abroad is a matter of prestige and status but for most others, it is a matter of quality education and career. Many of them see an opportunity to settle overseas through pathway of migration after studying in selected country. Anyway it needs a large amount of investment as you need to spend money that may be equivalent to marriage of a middle class family in India. But this is a point from where your career will get essential boost to blast in real life and make successful career anywhere in the world.

Studying overseas will definitely provide you the unique opportunity with many avenues to build your life as most of the employers look for quality skills developed through hands-on training along with educational background, now-a-days. We help you to get enrolment and study high ranked and tier 1 universities and institutions in high ranked countries like Australia and Canada. We are presenting… the perfect pathway before you and help you in building your career and life by realising your dreams of getting visa through candid, straight forward and honest advice and counselling.

You could be confused about many issues such as…

  • Which country is best for me?
  • Which university will be most suitable me?
  • How to consider selection of university?
  • What kind of course will give me good leverage to me in future?

And many more which may take toll of your sleep. Don’t worry, just come forward and ask us to help you in answering every question arises in your mind.

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Immigration to Australia
What is General Skilled Migration (GSM) and how can a migration agent assist me?

General Skilled Migration (GSM) is a program offered by the Australian government that allows skilled workers from overseas to migrate to Australia. As a registered migration agent, we provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the entire skilled migration process, ensuring that your application meets the necessary requirements and increases your chances drastically of a successful outcome.

What are the key visa options available under General Skilled Migration in Australia?

The main visa options available under General Skilled Migration of Australia include:

What are the basic eligibility criteria for General Skilled Migration of Australia?

The eligibility criteria for General Skilled Migration include but not limited to the factors such as age, English language proficiencyskills assessment, work experience, and points test requirements. Each visa subclass has specific requirements, and one of our highly skilled and experienced migration consultants will assess your individual circumstances to determine your eligibility and guide you accordingly.

How can I increase my points for General Skilled Migration?

The General Skilled Migration program uses a points-based system to assess visa applications. Points are awarded based on factors such as age, English language proficiency, work experience, education qualifications, and more. Our migration agent will review your profile and suggest strategies to maximize your points, which can significantly improve your chances of a successful visa application.

What is a skills assessment, and how do I obtain it?

skills assessment is a process conducted by the relevant assessing authority in Australia to determine if your qualifications and work experience are suitable for your nominated occupation. The requirements for skills assessments vary depending on the occupation and assessing authority. We will guide you through this process and help you gather the necessary documents and meet the requirements.